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Day 9: 30 Days Without Anger – Losing Anger

The last week of this practice has been both interesting and troubling. Besides being beset by doubts as to the legitimacy of this project I have found that coming to know, coming to actually honestly experience the arising of anger, and distinguishing from other emotions, has left me strangely anger-free. This state of being anger-free … Continue reading

Day 1: 30 Days Without Anger

On this, the first day without anger, I cannot hep but ponder why it is that I have chosen to attempt this practice. Essentially, “What do I hope can be achieved by living for thirty days without anger?” In my post announcing this idea I spent a brief space describing my personal experience of my … Continue reading

Returning to the Blog

Some time ago, after a series of accidents that destroyed both my laptop and its replacement, I stepped away from the blog. With only my newly acquired Kindle Fire I didn’t think I could really keep posting. Well, tonight I found an app that allows me to return.¬† I expect the blog will be different. … Continue reading

Hiatus Over

Well, what I had planned to be a brief two week (or so) hiatus has extended too long, and is now coming to an end. ¬†While I try to keep this a blog about ideas, please indulge me in the following more personal piece. I had decided to take a bit of a break from … Continue reading

The Life Lived “Right” Series

Originally a stand-alone post, in this series I will try to discuss different issues, problems, obstacles,and emotions that crop up when one tries to live life “right”: The Weariness of a Life Lived “Right” The Hubris of a Life Lived “Right” Part 3 – Coming Soon!!!

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