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On Fear and the Inclination of the Mind

As I sit in a once elegant but now abused and rundown upholstered chair in the waiting-room of a dirty and dark mechanics shop I have the opportunity to consider my recent experience of fear. “My car has passed away!”… Or so my mind has flung me. “My car has passed away,  or will shortly. … Continue reading

On Forgiveness:

One of the most often evoked messages in recovery is the need to forgive.  Resentments are heralded as the chief offender, and carrying around unresolved emotional pains, real or imagined slights, and angry or mournful disappointments are seen as sure paths to relapse.  Forgiveness is seen as the antidote for these “spiritual ailments” and a … Continue reading

The Great Pull of Avoidance

Tomorrow morning I begin what is, in my chosen profession, one of the biggest “jobs” that we can face.  It will likely last three to four days, and consume every moment from 8:30 am until at least 5:00 p.m.  My nights are also likely to be focused on preparing for the following day.  It will … Continue reading

The Weariness of a Life Lived “Right”

I have no illusions that I am living my life “right.”  I am suscepitble to all manner of selfishness, pettiness, self-centeredness, and “victimhood.”  I get angry too easily, resentful too quickly, and hurt too readily.  I get frustrated that I am not the center of everyone else’s world, and that my feelings are not the primary … Continue reading

Getting Drawn In… and Paying The Price!

How the “need” to be understood can get you sucked-in to a social and emotional landscape you otherwise know to avoid. I visited a discussion forum recently that suddenly started getting quite contentious.  Of course, walking into situations like this is not unusual.  Unknowingly we may stumble on a situation that is little heated, a … Continue reading

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