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The Hubris of a Life Lived “Right”

*** When I originally published ‘The Weariness of a Life Lived “Right”‘ it was anticipated to be a short, stand-alone article.  However, since then I have felt that leaving it as the only discussion of “right living” was disrespectful to the struggle.  In light of this, I offer this second installment. *** I do have … Continue reading

The Weariness of a Life Lived “Right”

I have no illusions that I am living my life “right.”  I am suscepitble to all manner of selfishness, pettiness, self-centeredness, and “victimhood.”  I get angry too easily, resentful too quickly, and hurt too readily.  I get frustrated that I am not the center of everyone else’s world, and that my feelings are not the primary … Continue reading

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