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Day 2: 30 Days Without Anger – The Intention of Attention

A question was raised today about 30 Days Without Anger. In essence the questioner asked why bring more attention to it (anger) and suggesting that we simply need to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings and then let them go. A fair question. There is a danger when we bring our attention to a thought or … Continue reading

30 Days Without Anger

30 days without anger. Beginning May 8, 2012 I commit to 30 days without anger. I have no illusion that I will escape anger completely. My hope is that I can develop my compassion and learn to live without the poison that anger is. A poison that harms not only the angry person but all … Continue reading

On Fear and the Inclination of the Mind

As I sit in a once elegant but now abused and rundown upholstered chair in the waiting-room of a dirty and dark mechanics shop I have the opportunity to consider my recent experience of fear. “My car has passed away!”… Or so my mind has flung me. “My car has passed away,  or will shortly. … Continue reading

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