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On Forgiveness:

One of the most often evoked messages in recovery is the need to forgive.  Resentments are heralded as the chief offender, and carrying around unresolved emotional pains, real or imagined slights, and angry or mournful disappointments are seen as sure paths to relapse.  Forgiveness is seen as the antidote for these “spiritual ailments” and a … Continue reading

The Life Lived “Right” Series

Originally a stand-alone post, in this series I will try to discuss different issues, problems, obstacles,and emotions that crop up when one tries to live life “right”: The Weariness of a Life Lived “Right” The Hubris of a Life Lived “Right” Part 3 – Coming Soon!!!

“Re-Imaging” the 12 Steps

The Habitual Buddhist proposes a “re-imagining”  of the 12 steps.  Much as Hollywood re-imagines characters and storylines to reboot wanning franchises, we will attempt a non-theisitc re-imaging of the 12 steps with the goals of deepening our understang of the truths reflected therein, and enriching our understanding of the Buddhist path. The Habitual Buddhist invites … Continue reading

Recovery is NOT a Drug!

Solemnity is often the appropriate attitude It is far from uncommon to hear a person in recovery talk about how great working on a step, or especially completing a step, makes one feel.  Or, if not a step per se, how doing some aspect of the 12 step program makes them feel great.  One will hear, … Continue reading

The Hubris of a Life Lived “Right”

*** When I originally published ‘The Weariness of a Life Lived “Right”‘ it was anticipated to be a short, stand-alone article.  However, since then I have felt that leaving it as the only discussion of “right living” was disrespectful to the struggle.  In light of this, I offer this second installment. *** I do have … Continue reading

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