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The Great Pull of Avoidance

Tomorrow morning I begin what is, in my chosen profession, one of the biggest “jobs” that we can face.  It will likely last three to four days, and consume every moment from 8:30 am until at least 5:00 p.m.  My nights are also likely to be focused on preparing for the following day.  It will be physically, emotionally, and intellectually challenging,  This is a very important “job.”

As such, as usual, my mind is running away from it.  Fleeing from it like rabbit from a hunting dog.  This is typical.  Instead of settling down, and focusing on preparation for the job ahead (and yes, much prep still needs to be done) my mind seeks its some form of refuge in other activities.

Everything except the job at hand screams out it’s own importance. Even the minor distractions seem to conspire against me.  A phone ringing sparks an annoyance that demands I “need” a break and a “fun” distraction.

The unquiet mind is like that.  In an effort to avoid some real or imagined discomfort or pain it will obsess on anything immediate, any task, or thought, or even pain.  Anything that seems immediate and thus offers a promise that it can be conquored  and controlled.  Facing an uncertain challenge the mind seeks certainty.




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